The Historical Society receives a variety of donations that are accepted and used in different ways and for different purposes. Throughout the years we have been reviewing and accepting donations for the Archives and Museum. As of 2006, we have started accepting special donations to use in our new annual Yard Sale Fundraiser.

  • Donating Documents – Many people have helped build the archives where we collect and maintain documents and photographs that share the history of the people and places in Arvada. This collection is already proving to be a valued resource as we have been answering questions from walk-in visitors and on e-mail about Arvada history.
  • The Process – The volunteer staff at the Historical Society will explain our processes to those who are interested in donating documents and/or photographs. The potential donors may choose to ask that items not added to the archives be returned. A Donation Form is signed to document the agreement.
  • Donating Objects – Donated historical items may either stay at the McIlvoy House, go to the Museum in the Arvada Center or to the Arvada Flour Mill. All three locations have growing collections thanks to the generous donations from the people of Arvada and those interested in preserving our history. All donations have a formal acceptance process. In addition, items donated to the Museum may be added for the purpose of preservation, display or interactive learning based on the condition and rarity of the items.
  • Donating Unwanted Items – We are now accepting donations for an Annual Yard Sale fundraiser. We accept most items and, at times, we have found pieces that have historical value and have rescued them from the sale to add to the museum collection. A Yard Sale Donation Receipt is always offered to donors. In addition, office equipment and furniture may be accepted as we continue to build a workspace for an increasingly active Historical Society.
  • Tax Credit for Donated Materials – While donors may note the estimated worth of their donations for tax purposes; IRS regulations prohibit the receiving institution from providing appraisals.
  • Donating Funds – As with all 501(c)(3) organizations, your monetary donations are tax deductible. Any financial donations are happily accepted. As of June 2007, the Historical Society can be identified as an organization to receive a percentage of money from items purchased through