Welcome to Arvada – a historic town in Jefferson County, Colorado, settled in the early 1860s, platted and a post office established in 1870 by Benjamin Franklin Wadsworth, and incorporated in 1904. Our National Historic District reflects growth and innovation for nearly 150 years. The values of our pioneers are reflected in the buildings – solid structures that have found many reuses over the last century and more. Arvada is unique, with the historic commercial district flanked by two historic residential districts – Reno Park and Stocke-Walter, both delightful neighborhoods that have endured. Like many towns, Arvada has grown into a city of nearly 115,000 people. Agricultural land is now homes and businesses. You are invited to explore our rich history and ongoing evolution.

Our Spots

McIlvoy House

We offer great resources like biography files, newspapers, photographs, historic properties files, cemeteries’ records, business files, and so much more.

Arvada Flour Mill

Open by appointment, come see the last great remnant of Arvada’s agricultural past.

Visitor Tips

Pay attention to your parking spot. In many on-street locations there is a two-hour time limit so keep that in mind, so check the map above to locate some public parking nearby.

Local Cultural Attractions

Arvada Cemetery

With the first burial up here in 1862, this is one of Colorado’s oldest continually operated cemeteries. Come by and learn a unique perspective of our history.

Local Resources